July 28, 2014

Wheel Barrow Full of Pony Supplies

I made several trips with the wheel barrow to my car.  Supplies I don't need on hand just now.  Why?

Dani is moving to a pasture board place out east!!!!  It was a hard decision since I've loved being the one to 100% take care of Dani and having her fairly close to my home.  The barn she's moving to is about 15 minutes further out but it's full care.  This winter Dani won't be stuck in a small area with me unable to ride.  Instead, I'll be unable to ride during the week but she'll have a large 10 acre pasture to share with 3 other horses!

It's been eating at me, she's been happy and fine and not shown any ill effects having less space but I just know in my heart I wanted her on pasture.  If the barn down the road from KCRC had worked out we would probably still be there.  KCRC was a quick decision in order to leave a bad situation and I didn't want to barn hop after that move, so we stayed.  We stayed longer than I intended but we've had a great stay.  It's a nice facility and nice to be close to all the KCRC activities.

The move is going to be a bit complicated since I've recently discovered there is no way I'll letting Dani in my trailer until we replace the floor.  More on that later....

We move this Saturday!

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Terry said...

Best of luck at the new barn.