July 31, 2014

Bottom's up

I've decided that we are going to replace all the floor boards in the trailer.  This comes at a time when I actually NEED my trailer but luckily a boarder at KCRC is more than happy to help me move my mare to her new home this Saturday.  Phew!

Most of the boards are okay but are tongue in groove and seem to have been reused wood from some other project???  Some boards have cracks beginning and the floor seems springy in areas.  Not feeling secure enough to let my mare on the trailer at this time, even for practice!

We are moving Saturday and plan on parking the trailer in front of our house later that day.  We'll remove the boards (after we figure out how that works since it appears the boards all fit between two lips vs. being bolted in).  Then I'll treat areas that need treatment and assess if there are any other issues to address.  We'll then install a new floor.

The previous owner had a layer of plywood screwed to the floor.  I guess it was a good idea in the sense that it distributes the weight bad idea in the sense that wood on wood accelerates the decay by trapping moisture.  Not what we intend to do!!!  My matts also tore in half from hanging them up on one of the diveders (oops) still usable but eventually I'll want to get matts that perhaps are cushier and have a grippy non-slip surface.  Once the floor is done I can finally haul in the trailer, just bummed that we hadn't looked more closely until now.  Still, fixing the leaking roof was priority number one.


Terry said...

Yikes, good thing you looked!

Christie Maszki said...

Yeah. Had a more experienced person view them and she thought it wasn't bad at all, not spongey etc. The cracked board maybe bad. Still I feel better safe than sorry and I'll get under all that area to treat more rust. Might as well revamp the whole darn thing!