July 01, 2014

Rusty is Getting Purdy!!!

This past weekend was gorgeous.  No rain in the forecast.  It was a great time to work on the trailer and happily I can announce that my Rusty trailer now has two coats of paint over the primer.

The trailer is looking good!  It was a long Saturday and then Sunday morning but aside from touch-ups where the doors close there is no more painting to be done....except the inside of the trailer, sigh.

Lots of bugs died in the making of this trailer though.  It seems they are attracted to wet paint and then the poor things are plastered into it.  I tried to remove them as I saw them and tried to get it so hopefully they would survive but some bugs were just covered in paint.

Now will come the fun part of putting the new lights on, caulking seams, placing reflective tape and adding other nifty trailer accessories to make this a convenient trailer and to make it last a long time.

I will continue to post as I do tape, drip rails and gravel guards and then off course I'll start working in the tack room in a bit.  I'm so glad this exterior is almost complete!!!


Hannah said...

It looks great!

Terry said...

Wow! It looks like new!