July 08, 2014

Fenders and Lights

The painting is complete but there are still some finishing touches needed on the trailer.  We put new rear lights into the holes and found we need to grind out the bottom hole slightly to get the lights really secure.  They look nice though and are LED’s so will be brighter.  The running lights have to be drilled and screwed into place so we’ll get those done soon.

On my own, one hot day this weekend, I installed the fender trim.  This is a black trim that goes on the fender edge and makes for a nice look in addition to covering any sharp edges that a tied horse could become injured on.  They were so easy to put on and make a nice finished look to the fenders.

Next I placed the Caution Horses sign on the rear door.  I had a few issues with bubbles but nothing terrible.  Before I apply the reflective tape strips I need to find a good smoothing tool to better apply the tape.  I’ll need assistance from the hubby to get the drip rail on and to finish up the lighting installation.  I'm getting ready to buy some material for the gravel guards that will really make the trailer pop!  

Done with the outside but not done! The inside will be a smaller area and doesn't have as many components but I think a break will be good for a bit though once I get the trailer back in working order and all the parts and pieces in place.

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