July 14, 2014

Reflections and J-Rail

The rear lights are nicely secured and now I've begun application of the reflective tape.  I've used a current WW Trailer image to see where the tape goes and have cut our the pieces to fit nicely.

Caution Horses was an addition.  I like it though, more reflections of light will warn people of slower driving since I will have living cargo.

I took a picture during the day but with flash to show the reflections of the tape.  Neat!

Steve and I also got the J/drip rail up on the top.  We first taped it on to let the rolled material relax.  From a distance the trailer looked like Frankenstein!  LOL

The drip rail has a strong adhesive but in some spots Steve and I want to run some rivets through to hold it in place for added security.  Some of the trailer seams make it not such a smooth surface to stick to.

I'm hoping this will prevent the dirt streaks down the side of my trailer.

Feeling very accomplished to get this trailer's finishing touches complete.

The reflective tape looks great....

 even if I messed up the pattern on the one side of the trailer.  The last area behind the fender is where the spare tire goes, perhaps a tire cover with a reflective strip will work there? It doesn't make sense to place tape on the trailer when the tire will block it anyways.  I think my trailer is nice and visible now!!

Next up:
Caulking seams
Gravel Guards

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Terry said...

It looks great!