February 04, 2014

Snow, Fuzz and Poop

Now that's a title!!  LOL.  We are in for another freezing week.  There was a small respite on Sunday with nice weather but the ground was covered in snow and I wasn't comfortable with riding in it.  Some are braver than I!  Today was a good day to rearrange my tack area.  My SmartPaks contain broke, therefore I'd purchased a set of plastic drawers (yippee, more space for stuff!).  The top drawer will have my SmartPaks.  It was also "warm" enough to spot clean Dani's blanket.  She had poop smears and mud smears in various places.  SO I scrubbed with just water and hosed off those spots.  

The sun was warm enough to dry it within a very short time considering the temperature.  The sun was also doing a number on the snowy roof.  When clumps with icicles fell off the back side they scrapped against the metal siding.  It freaked me out a couple times will mucking and sweeping in the stall.  Later when I brought Dani in for a quick groom, hoof picking and blanketing that same freaky sound startled us both.  She jumped and then looked at me all panicky.  I'd jumped too but immediately stroked her and calmed her down.  Not that she was that scared.  Her spooks so far have been "jump to a stop and stare".

Now onto another random topic, hair.  It's early February and yes, Dani is beginning to shed her long fuzzies.  February, March and some of April tend to be the snowy months in Colorado.  Guess that's why I have a good Rambo blanket with many layering options.  After grooming her the chestnut fuzz covered me.  It was warm enough out I didn't wear my Carhartt so instead used a light shell.  Oh well, it needed to be laundered anyways!

Dani's mane is doing the same thing it did last year, she's getting the short little mane hairs on her off side.  Last year they grew and eventually flipped to her near side.  It's interesting.  I know she looses hairs and continuously grows more just like any other mammal, including us.  It's just odd that a large section grows out like this.  Hmm...she has a nice thick mane that I love so the more hairs the merrier right?  Guess I'll have to keep that upbeat attitude as shedding season comes into full swing.

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