February 07, 2014

Frosty whiskers

It's been miserable cold lately.  Dani's been blanketed up but her poor stall is an ice skating rink of frozen yuck!  Each day I've come out and let her run about in the fresh snow.  I take off her blanket and she rolls in a big fluffy pile.

I have noticed that I haven't needed to turn the light on as early so I may soon be able to get short little rides in after work.  We'll see.  I still need enough time.  I don't get to the barn until about 4:30pm, so even with the days getting longer I need just a bit more time to make grooming, and tacking worth a short ride.  Plus with this ice everywhere I'm not too keen on riding and potentially have my mare slip.  She's pretty sure footed but still, not a risk taker am I!

While snapping some photos with the Droid, the only camera I have with me at the barn.  Dani kept yawning and so I snapped this shot.  Blurry but funny.  Her mouth looks like Donkey from Shrek!!!

I'm ready for some warm weather for a couple days.  I want to try and get the sand drained and dried out by spreading the wetter areas out some.  All the manure that has been frozen to the ground that I couldn't kick free (seriously needed a pick-axe for some of these piles!) will be cleaned up.  It's so disgusting!!!  Hopefully with our heat wave I'll get a little ride in too!  Yeah for 30-40 degree weather!  Can't wait for tomorrow!

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