February 05, 2014

New Pony Friends!!!

Finally Dani has some friends right next to her!  All the other stalls were filled with ponies.  Apparently this is only temporary until the owner buys a new place.  I think they are Paso Finos.  This gal has done some EXCA on some of these guys.  They are very tiny looking, a couple look like yearlings or two-year-olds.

Dani likes having someone to pin her ears back at!

Today as I worked in the stall with my metal fork trying to free the frozen manure piles from the ground the little guys were watching with curiosity.  Some of them spooked when I moved the tarp.  Others weren't so sure as I flapped the blanket about changing out Dani's layers for something warmer.  It's gonna get pretty far below zero this evening!

It will be fun to have these neighbors and hopefully I'll see their owner some.  I see David every once in a while.  It's so cold that we both just come to feed and muck.  Today I was very happy to see him because I couldn't get out of the grounds.  A plow had built a wall of snow at the exit of the grounds and there was no way my little Honda civic was gonna get through.  I grabbed my trunk shovel but it was somehow broken and the actual shovel part spun so I could barely scoop the snow.  Of course my shovel breaks when I actually need it!!  What's the point of being prepared if things break when you need them?

David ran his truck back and forth over the snow mound to flatten it and just then the plow came back and took pity on me.  They opened a nice path, considering they were the ones who'd blocked me in it was decent of them....and honestly should be expected.  I pulled on through and waved a thank you to David.  His daughter in the car was looking at me like I was a lunatic....teenagers!  LOL.  

I'm ready for our 30 degree heat wave we should be getting this weekend!  Hope you and yours stay warm!

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