February 02, 2014

Serene Sunday

Not a horse post but another of my loves.  This is my 55 gallon planted aquarium.  I've been rearranging the plants over and over.  Trying to get that slope of plants from the right to left.  Been fun watching the tank today....love fish TV


lytha said...

LOVE your tank - real live plants! that sounds hard. did i tell you my guppy had babies? now i have 20 tiny little things in a box - wish i had a 2nd tank for them. i wonder how long they'll have to be kept separate. i love my new guppies but they are so active they make me think they're starving all the time.

L.Williams said...

ooo fish tank! I used to own and breed fish as a kid, some days I miss it.

Emmi said...

How fun!!