December 04, 2013

Tools to Make Life Easier

I'm all for tools!  The water trough filter was one that I'd hoped would pan out well.  While it does move the water I know of better filters that could be tasked to do a better job.  I've recently purchased the lighted hoof pick.  Now, at first when I saw this item I wondered whey someone would get one.  I always pick hooves in a lighted area.  Dani's stall area has lighting but it's spotty and my head or her body often shadows the hoof where I can't see if I'm doing a good job of picking it out.  I just got this thing and it's awesome!  I can see into the deep crevices in the evenings when I get to the barn and it's pitch black with only the spotty lights to help me do my evening chores.

Another tool is the Riders Rasp.  I love it!  Sure you can get a cheaper deal on an actual farrier rasp at Big R or heck, my farrier gave me one of her older ones but for me I just don't have the coordination to work that thing.  I'm gonna hurt myself!

This Riders Rasp is perfect, it's easy to hold and is made for just rounding the edges of the wall to maintain a mustang roll and to work on small cracks that may develop as it gets closer to farrier time.  I'm working hard to maintain Dani's hooves so they don't crack or chip at the quarters.  I'm applying hoof oil more readily and have had her on a supplement for three months that includes proteins needed by hooves.  It only take a little bit of time and I feel her hooves stay more balanced between trims!  I'm hoping it will also help with keeping her feet in a condition to fit hoof boots next year.

Lastly another fun tool, well fun is an odd word I guess, is the fine tined manure fork.  Sometimes when Dani trods over her piles they break up into such small pieces that a regular fork just can't do the job.  This thing works great!  It's also basket shaped so holds a lot more manure in one scoop.  I love things that make life easier!


Emmi said...

That lit hoof pick is quite an invention! I know what you mean about the shadows blocking good light, how annoying! I need to try the Riders Rasp, looks super helpful

Christie Maszkiewicz said...

I really like it and it's VERY easy to use. When I start seeing a tiny chip or crack develop I nip it in the bud! The tool is much easier to use than a regular rasp which if you know what you are doing you can do the same thing. I'm just clutzy so I like the Rides Rasp. It works well in my hand.