December 09, 2013

Stubs Update

Somebody is getting more and more comfortable in our house.  Stubs has only been in the guest room but has met the dogs and cat through a baby gate.  Everything has gone smoothly with that but I think we'll need a little more time before we expand her range.

I've slowly been able to pet her more and more.  It started with just a finger lightly stroking her side as she ate. Now I can scratch her ear a lot and her little bottom.  Purrs galore!!!

She still is very much instinctual.  She likes to attack my feet under the blanket.  I've since been burying myself in thicker blankets to avoid the claws and am working on redirecting her to appropriate play things.

Each evening I watch DVD's or read in the room and just let her explore.  I'll play with her too and do little bits of petting.  She's coming along quickly.  With subzero temperatures I'm really happy we captured her a little earlier than we'd planned.  We just had to get her somewhere warm!!

Hopefully her affection will transfer to Steve and she won't have to continue work with him to get comfortable.  He'll be back Friday for the weekend but is then out traveling again for work.  She has seemed to like him and especially if I'm there with her perhaps that will help too.

Stubs is learning fast that getting between a human and their computer means the human has to pay attention to her!  Steve will love that!  He always has Armani between him and the keyboard.  Let's just cross our fingers he won't have two cats there now....Stubs can come bug me instead!

What a cute kitty!  I'm excited to see how quickly she's becoming adjusted.  She's been at the barn since May 2012!!!  She's about 1 year and 7 months old.  Her litter mates are long gone or else who knows, we'd have taken in another!  LOL.  My poor husband!


lytha said...

wow, that cat is way friendlier than mine and she has no excuse, she's just naturally wild and defensive.

here is a cute video for you:

Christie Maszkiewicz said...

That was cute! Thanks Lytha!