December 11, 2013

The Snow Melt-eth

Ponies love the snow!  Dani likes to roll, and roll in snow.  I don't think it matters what she rolls in, as long as it's soft.  My girl loves to dig through the snow for bits of grass.  She also loves to find scraps of hay bits left near other boarders pen.  As long as she is not eating their hay I don't chase her off; though one day she was eating David's hay and I had a heck of a time getting her away.  I made sure the tarp was good and secure.  What a pest!  She gets her whiskers all covered in flakes from digging in the snow, it's so cute.  I can only seem to get a picture with her head up if I have her haltered.  Otherwise....dig, dig, dig in that snow.

Things are starting to warm up now!  It was 35 today!  I went to the barn early in the morning to de-robe my girl and let her roll in the arena.  Horses much prefer being naked to wearing a blanket.  At least Dani has a nice comfy blanket so when she has to wear one it's tolerable (thank you hubby!)

Humans tend not to like the cold either.  I'm cold natured; I'd rather have cooler temperatures but below 30 degrees even I think it's a bit chilly. This subzero stuff was pretty miserable.

The next few days should be warmer still and here's hoping that the arena melts and it's ride worthy weather on Saturday!  I will want to do some groundwork first before we do under saddle work.  The last time I rode was short and sweet but feels like ages ago!  We trotted and had fun and worked on opening a gate from the saddle (coordination I lack and then throwing a pony in the mix makes it even more challenging)  We did alright though but lets just say I would have let out the entire herd of cattle!

Then my silly little mare and I went through the noodles....first time under saddle!  Sweet!  No issues!  I see some people barrel through those things at the trot or canter but the ones at KCRC have hard metal washers holding them on, that would hurt!  I think a good ol' walk is fine unless there is another curtain made of all soft material to work with.  I'm very happy that she didn't have an issue "going alone".

So what are the big plans for this coming balmy weather??  Well, a good thorough grooming/scratching of Dani and file work on her hooves.  I'll round the hooves, trim some of the frog flaps I've noticed and apply some hoof oil.  Then of course riding, some groundwork and major pen cleaning.  I want to get as many small bits of manure I may have missed with everything turning frozen solid the past week; jackhammer should be on my Christmas Horse Needs Wishlist.  Then I want to check the water tank.  It's pretty good, just topped it off.  I did a good clean before the winter weather hit so I may just need to do a bit of straining and siphoning.  Exciting huh?  I'd rather be at the barn doing work than cleaning my house!  

Hope you all are staying warm.  I know that cold front was moving across the U.S. to the east bout that!  You'll survive!!

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Emmi said...

Dani's frosty face is adorable and your rosy cheeks are too! Although, rosy cheeks are so freaking cold!