December 26, 2013

Dust and Coughs

I haven't felt completely up to par in order to ride.  My coughing isn't deep but it's a pain and on horseback I don't feel it would be too fun breaking into a coughing fit while trying to ride.  Just the amount of time working with her so far have given me headaches from the coughing.  Ugh. I'll suck it up soon though since I miss just putzing around the arena.

Dani is dusty...shocker I know!  I decided to spend a nice grooming session with her.  The day was cool but the sun was warm.  Someone was falling asleep as I groomed and reached all her itchy parts with the brushes.  I definitely think she can tell when I'm grooming for a purpose or if I'm grooming to just groom.  If it's for a purpose, like riding, she gets antzy.  If it's just to groom, Dani seems to lay back and enjoy it I think.

The issue I always have with grooming is the fine dust that sticks to the hair and brushes relentlessly.  I can work and work but it never fully goes away.  I'm really thinking of tasking a shop vac for this purpose.  Show barns spend hundreds of dollars for a horse vac but I think a regular vac will work the same, I can just alter the head to make it like a brush.

Anyhow, there's something therapeutic about grooming a horse.  Sure, Dani is less dusty for a bit and her mane and tail are silky and lack bits of hay for a short time but it's more than that.  I think it's the love and bonding with her, enjoying a lazy afternoon.  I'm enjoying having some days off work to just laze about!

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Kalin said...

Oh the dust. I HATE the dust. Let me know how the vac works out. ;) Red has this thing where he see's big piles of hay, goes face first and rolls. EVERY. TIME. HE. SEES. HAY. And so he's always soooo dusty. It drives me nuts.