December 10, 2013

"Good" Advice?

I'm sorry this is turning into a cat blog almost!  I just need to rant a little.  I listened to a Vet Tech and she discussed something she calls forced love where even if the cat is not liking petting holding etc. you just keep doing it until they relax.

In a way I think it made sense.  Kind of like releasing pressure with horses.  Well I tried it.  Here's what happened.

Ouch.  Stubs freaked out with me trying to hold her and I got scratched up!  Not her fault.  Totally mine.  I need to go back to baby steps.  Let her come to me, slowly scratch more areas.  Up until now I can really rub her her back and butt, scratch her neck and ears a bit.  I've slowly run my hands down her legs and even brushed her belly while scratching her sides.  It just takes time!

This Vet Tech made it seem like I was being a wimp and that it would take too much time way...perhaps she's just impatient.  I have time!  I have patience....what the hell was I thinking listening to her when I know what's working for my cat and me???  I should have known.  Armani even scuttled away when she tried to pet him and just this weekend he was lap hopping at a party we had.  I let my animals be who they are and do things at their comfort level.

Sometimes you just need to ignore "good" advice and go with your gut.  Hope Stubs will come out from under the bed and love me again!


L.Williams said...

Watch the show "My Cat From Hell" seriously gave me a new perspective on cats.

Kalin said...

Agree with L! I thought the show was silly at first and then I realized..oh hey, this stuff actually does work.

Christie Maszkiewicz said...

Hmm..Animal Planet right? I'll have to Tivo that and see what it's about. She's certainly not a cat from Hell though! LOL. She did come out today and loved on me so all is forgiven. My hubby was even wondering why I tried what the vet tech said. Sometimes you just lose all common sense you know? Ugh and LOL!