October 14, 2013

Water Filter Review

In a previous post I was excited about a water trough filter.  I've had this filter for a couple months now and honestly it's not the best it could be.  It keeps the water moving, I like that, one can easily add a heater into the filter for winter but I don't think it really filters the water well.  I think a fish pond filter would do a better job of getting all the debris out; I still use a fishnet daily.

I do use a tank drop now though and it seems to help with the algae.  So combined the two work fine; the water isn't quite as murky.  I noticed this first with the filter and more so with the tank drop.  I think I'm done for now with futzing with the tank.  On my own property I'll figure something else out or just go with the automatic waters that only waste a couple gallons when you clean them.  For now this works and Dani drinks well and I don't have to completely drain and clean the tank as often, wasting 100 + gallons of water each time....so I'm happy.


Sandy said...

While it may not be feasible, why don't you have a hose run from your home, and have a home water filter installed. This would not only allow you to drink clean water, but would also provide clean water for your animals as well.

Christie Maszkiewicz said...

The home water filter systems are for water directly from the well or main water systems. They work via reverse osmosis and generally is for reducing heavy metals, chlorine or other compounds that give water an off taste etc.

The water quality is fine from the well at her boarding barn, it's what ends up in the tank from her mouth that becomes the issue. I need a filtration system for that and reverse osmosis is meant to take out items that are only microns big whereas hay bits are much larger. Reverse osmosis systems would get clogged way too fast. I just need something to filter the organic bits so they don't decay in the water column. Nice idea for those that have bad water from the tap though!