October 21, 2013

A Beautiful Fall Day

While I'm sure the red and orange leaves are very pretty all over the state of Colorado.  The golden aspens are also changing and glowing like candles among the dark evergreen forests.  I personally enjoy looking at my red mare the most though.  She's not groomed here and she's pretty darn fuzzy but man...I love chestnuts!  Perhaps it's because the color is so warm like the autumn leaves?

I just love Dani! I love her soft eyes and flowing mane.  She's my little red headed girl.  Chestnuts just glow in the sun!  Granted any horse that is shiny in the light is gorgeous!

What a glorious time fall is!  I love the crispness in the air.  I love the deep blue skies that seem to be so rich this time of year.  I love the way ponies begin to get fuzzy.  I love cuddling up to Dani's warmness in the cool autumn evenings.  The only thing I dread is the approaching time change and how pretty soon I will be trying to see my mare in the pitch black darkness.  I hope my lighting plan will work....stay tuned!!

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Kalin said...

She looks so beautiful!!