October 25, 2013


Pigeons.  Flying rats.  Gray birds good at pooping on everything....including my pony!  As the fall has approached I've found them hanging out around the barn more.  Steve's grandfather used to race pigeons in Florida, so Steve had a couple ideas to deter these beasts.  One way to prevent the pigeons from landing in trees instead of their proper roosting spots is to attach shiny objects to the trees.  Steve's grandpa used pie tins.

What a great idea!  So we grabbed the latter and decided to hang three pie tins in the rafters above Dani's stall.  It seemed to work and the pigeons stayed far away from my mare and she remained poop free!  The only issue is that with windy conditions those pans make a racket when hitting the wood rafters. Dani didn't like it at all.  I don't blame her.  Granted they will make good de-spooking objects but I don't want her to have to deal with that 24/7 in her home.

So we took them down and I'm searching for other options.  A fake owl may be a good thing to get.  I can move it to different locations and Dani can have a friend....LOL.  Or maybe get a live owl....hmmm.  I am also going to try sparkly ribbons!  Since they won't make that crashing sound hopefully it will be Dani approved.

I'll keep you posted about how Pigeon Deterrent 2.0 works, though I'm pretty tempted to just get a pet owl.  How much fun would that be??!!!??

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Kalin said...

I want an owl now.