October 24, 2013


I've just not had luck with making my own slow feeder.  The DIY slow feeder worked nicely with the lattice but every other week something of the lattice would snap.  Could be my mare being to rough with it and trying to get around it to the hay.  I was going to try wood but it splintered like crazy cutting the holes.  There is probably a better material I could find to use in the trough but I just decided to go with a tried and true feeder.  At first I bought a sheet of the Nibblenet to use in the trough but Steve didn't think it was worth the extra effort to figure out how to make the flexible material work in the trough.  I'll have to send that back or sell it.

In comes the Nibblenet bag.  I bought the XL since it stated it would fit 50 lbs.  I really only fits about 15 lbs, I weighed it.  Perhaps I'm not stuffing it as compactly as I should but I fluff up each flake to make sure there is no mold.  Now my routine is to fill the bag up and then fill up the metal bin, without any slow feeding component on the trough.  There is hay left over each day which is good, I'm feeding about half a bale because upon weighing them I've realized that they aren't quite as heavy as previously thought.  No wonder she ate up all her hay pretty quickly!  I like there to be some hay leftover at the end of the day so I know she always has hay in front of her.  In all essence I free-feed hay to her.  Dani figured out the Nibblenet quickly.  In the evening she has the easy access hay in the trough and then can nibble the rest of the time in the Nibblenet.  It seems to be working nicely.  I like keeping her occupied when I'm not there.  Sigh, what we do for our ponies!

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