October 04, 2013

The Hoof of It

It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, Steve and I headed to the barn ready to ride.  I was gonna get Steve on Dani and do a little instruction and see how the two did together.  I'm contemplating a second horse come next spring and want him ready!  We started Dani in the round pen and I showed Steve how to direct her and explained the exaggerated body language I use to communicate. 

When Dani stopped and rested I noticed the tiny chip on her hoof had expanded.  She wasn't lame but I wasn't going to risk it, no more work today...  I put a call into the farrier and sent a picture of Dani's hoof.

She's been chipping in this same area for the last couple of trims.  I probably need to up how often I apply hoof oil (recommended by my farrier).  We've had a lot of wet and then dry weather and that's not fun for hooves.  It seems like Dani's hooves always flare a bit 4-5 weeks after a trim, mainly on the front hooves though.  I've started her on a new supplement in addition to her regular vitamins and minerals.  It's SmartPaks Smart Combo Senior.  Yeah she's not a senior but it was the best supplement for the price that included joint care and hoof care.  The main thing necessary for hoof care is omega-3, biotin, lysine, methionine, etc.  Hooves are built on protein so these key ingredients will hopefully help her develop stronger hooves and a thicker wall.  She doesn't have bad hooves but I think being on a hay only diet this will fill in the gaps.  I probably won't see much change for a few months, I'll be keeping my eye on her coronary band though!

I'm liking the SmartPaks, I decided to not buy the tubs and buy the pre-measured stuff instead, it was actually cheaper.  It's great!  Sand clear I will still have to measure and administer myself since the price is actually less at the local farm store.  I got a call while feeding and watering later that day from my farrier.  She was headed back to Colorado Springs from Denver and since she boards near me could easily swing by and check out my girls foot.  Yep, nothing major, she said after seeing the hoof in person.  All my farrier ended up having to do was snip the split and file it down.  It wasn't deep or much of an issue, I am still a worried first time mom!  I have a rasp and have tried to file the problem areas to prevent this from happening but I'm not good at using it.  Thinking about getting a Riders Rasp to help maintain the roll in between trims.  Anyone ever try one?

Glad to say Dani is doing well and so are her hooves!  Happy riding!

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Cindy D. said...

All my horses feet look like that since moving to az, and I, like you, also want to be able to maintain between trims. I have not tried that rasp yet, but sure want too.