May 10, 2013

What Have I Gotten Into?

I was recently warned and made aware of something about someone at my new barn by members of the KCRC. I have verified the reasons behind the warnings and thus do not feel comfortable being there or boarding my horse there. Nothing bad happened to Dani nor did I feel it would, it's a comfort and safety issue for me and anyone I may bring to the barn. Nothing happened but since I now know, I cannot get past it and need to leave.  I really don't want to get into it here but all you readers would have come to the same decision if in my position I am quite positive.

The good news is KCRC is down the road and Dani will be moving tomorrow to her new home.  I like the facility a lot.  It's self care and being closer to home it will work out quite well.  One of the boarders only comes once a day to feed her horse and makes sure to leave plenty of hay...usually there is still left over hay too.  I'm going to work on getting a slow feeder situation set up for Dani so she'll nibble throughout the day and some pony toys to entertain her.  The only thing I don't like about the facility is there is no pasture or larger roaming area.  Dani will be a run/pen.  Not my favorite situation but in the future there is a possibility of moving her to a slightly larger area and then there is yet an even larger area that is fenced in....the primo location that a boarder with two horses currently uses.  I'm told as people move their horses out of KCRC current boarders can have access to the larger boarding areas.  Boarders also help each other out when one leaves for vacation and needs someone to look after their horse.  GG as I'll call her, also friends with K, has already offered to look after Dani when I am out east for my step-daughters graduation.  Awesome!  I'll have to arrange that with her and return the favor or buy her the best gift ever!  KCRC members are turning out to be really nice, helpful and "watch my back" kind of people!

I'll post more on the KCRC location but I'm sorry I really don't feel I can post the reasons for leaving my current boarding situation of 6 days.  It's pretty serious though and a huge liability that I will not accept.  I'm ready to reduce my stress over this and get on with moving all my stuff, 30 bales of hay and my silly horse yet again.  Luckily I don't require a trailer for this move!


L.Williams said...

Sorry you need to change barns again.

Kalin ♥ said...

Sorry you are having to move!! I hope this new place works out really well!!!!
Kalin from

Reddunappy said...

You have to be comfortable with where you are. Kudos to not being complacent about it! Things will work out.