May 21, 2013

iPhone Pics...

So lately I've just been uploading pictures from my iphone using the Blogger app on my phone.  Not good here is the difference.
The above picture is uploaded from the phone via the Blogger app.  It looks awful!
The below picture is from me connecting my phone to the computer, uploading it to my files, then uploading to photobucket and from there doing a direct URL link.  Why should it be so different?  It's from the same camera!!
Sorry that lately the pictures have really sucked.  Uploading from my phone using the app is so much easier and then I can write the blog later.  Oh well.  Guess I'll have to do it the longer way but I promise...all those pics were mostly in focus even if from a cell phone.


Marissa Rose said...

I was having the same problem. I was able to fix it by going to my blogger app and going to settings, then changing the Image resolution. The automatic preset was to have it be a small resolution for faster uploading, if you change it to the 'original' resolution, it will look a lot better on your posts!

Kalin said...

Blogger isn't letting me upload ANY of my pictures straight through blogger, so I'm using Picasa. Have you tried that? If you have a blogger account you should have a picasa account as well by default. They upload fairly quickly and you can edit them if you want. :)
Kalin from

K.K. said...

I had the same problem! like Marissa Rose said...It's a settings problem that you can fix in the app!

Lauren @ She Moved To Texas said...

That's because blogger is notoriously difficult to work with and no longer really supported by Google :)