May 23, 2013

Mini Show!

Last Friday 4-H had a little mini horse show.  There were only about a handful of the little guys but we stopped over at the arena to check out the cuteness.

Most of them were quite fuzzy.  My favorite was the chocolate one with the flaxen mane that you can see above.  So cute!

The one below was shaved down and looked more like a miniature horse rather than a little pony.  He had nice proportions from what I could tell.  We were busy working on some other horse things so Steve and I had to get back to Dani.  It was fun to stop by and see the tiny horses.  Steve's eyes always seem to dance in a certain way when he sees miniature horses or donkeys.

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Kalin said...

So adorable!! I'm planning on showing my mini stud, if he ever stops being so mean! Rofl! Time to get him gelded!
Kalin from