May 02, 2013

We Now Return to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming.....

The A to Z blog challenge is done!
I struggled, sometimes I posted very little or only posted a video.  I learned a lot about things I hadn't investigated before about the horse world.  The month of April was very busy at work with three weeks of long days and little horse time.  I'm glad to have accomplished this challenge but also happy to get back to blogging about my favorite subject.....Dani!

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming....

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lytha said...

hi, thanks for your comment about sacking out. i did it exactly as you described, only releasing the pressure (towel touch) when she stopped scooting around me. it worked in just a few minutes.

last night my man and i hung a tarp from the walnut tree she likes to rub on, as either a deterrent to rubbing her entire mane and tail out, or perhaps just a way to get used to tarps blowing around in odd places. so far she's more curious than scared, which is good. every day i'll show her a new item or do a new thing. yesterday it was the "take the bridle willingly" with linda parelli's little trick: put a horse treat just behind the bit so the horse has to take the bit to get it. worked perfectly. if i do that everytime, it will become a habit for the horse to want the bit in its mouth.

i'm leery of doing targeting with clicker training right now because that is so much hand feeding.

how long did it take for dani to settle in at whispering winds? (i find that name funny because it looks more to me like a blustery, tornado-y place: )

it's fun that we get to experience our new horses parallel - even though you're way ahead of me: )

(i've got 7 hours left of book 5 of game of thrones, and just watched the first 3 episodes of the new season. i was pretty thrilled about the freeing of the unsullied scene.)