May 24, 2013

Trailer Training Tutorial with K

I worked with K on trailer training utilizing GG's trailer...the one I may eventually buy.  K started in the round pen doing Clinton's round penning for respect.  Dani is decent at it but just needs some reminding of it.  Then K took her outside the trailer and worked her for a couple minutes with the door closed.  She then opened the door and rather quickly Dani was ready to get on the trailer.

We progressively worked with her getting on and staying on, working on having her face forward a bit more.  Then I would close the door quickly, let Dani settle and then open the door but have her stay inside; unless she tried to get out and then we worked her.  Once when Dani backed out fast she hit the door with her butt so K really worked her hard and aggressively.  Then asked her to enter the trailer again, I closed the door and aside from a little bit of movement Dani was calm again.  We did that several more times and then K had me enter the trailer with her and stand.  She then had me ask her to back up slowly.  Step by step we did.  She never once tried to get out without me asking.  We ended on a good note of backing out really slowly.

I was very pleased with Dani's progress.  There was a lot less work needed to get her on the trailer than there was two weeks ago.  Next step, and this will be all on my own since K is leaving for the Clinton Anderson Academy, will be to practice a couple more times, closing the door, tying her up etc.  Then I plan on getting her in and driving around the grounds and letting her out slowly after we stop again etc.  After that I will have to work on getting her used to the dividers enclosing her.  Not sure when I will do that step because I can trailer her safely with the partitions secured. I want to get the first few steps of loading and staying quiet in the trailer done first plus some short trips to local parks for trail rides with Uschi perhaps and perhaps out to Lauries (though that is a bit longer of a trip).  We'll take it step by step.  I'm glad I have access to this trailer and if it does become mine....well, the more sweeter that will be!  There is progress in her trailering so I'm satisfied.

I think with previous trailerings she just wasn't WORKED hard enough.  She needs to break in a sweat or breathe heavy to realize, "oh the trailer ain't so bad!".  Clinton Anderson baby!  It's just a matter of having the tools and knowing what to do.  Being a new horse owner is certainly different than leasing or riding lesson horses.

No more pussy footing or being overly soft and gentle with her...granted I won't be mean to her!!  Don't get me wrong!  It's like Clinton says, "be as gentle as possible but as firm as necessary".  Dani just needs more firmness and the proper release, I need to learn that too.  It's like parenting, the first time one repremands a child or spanks them it's torture for the parent but afterwards you realize it's for their own good!  Whatever happened before I had her doesn't matter, we just move forward. 

I've been working on her haltering too.  I make her lower her head and turn it towards me to the side in order for me to release the halter.  Before she would shake her head and pull away since she wanted to be free.  I'll just consistently do this and then also work on tying her but I'm still trying to figure out what to do when she chews on the rope while tied.  I have a tie blocker ring so she can no longer accidentally untie herself from the quick release knot but I'd love to have a lead rope without horse goobers all over it.  Should I make her work really hard if she doesn't stand nicely or chews on the rope?  Back her really fast?  The mechanics behind having her tied and then making her work baffle me since I have to get her untied within a span of time and make her work.  Will she realize "what she did wrong" using this method?  Suggestions for this uncoordinated gal?

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4RRanch said...

Good job on the trailer loading. My horses seem to feel very comfortable with the partitions closed. I have never hauled them with them open. As for the lead rope, maybe just try putting something bad tasting on it, then you don't have to worry about what kind of correction to make. Good luck, hope you get to trail ride soon.