October 05, 2012

The Name Game

This mare is named Steiners Honor.  I couldn't find a beer related name that I liked, I thought that would be cute but alas no such luck.  I looked for names meaning honor like, Annora.  It just didn't fit her.  She's a no frills mare, that is laid back and a little tough meaning she's not bothered by much.  She is not a girly girl.  I'm not too fond of her current barn name, Maggie...it's not bad but I guess I just want to name her myself.  I made the mistake of telling my mom that name so she's all about it but I figure I'm 32 years old and going to be paying out the nose for my horse, I can rename her what I find the best name.  My mother will adjust!

I'm not going to worry about others opinions because at the end of the day does it really matter what her name is to anyone but me?  Horses can learn their name but they can relearn a new one, they don't have an emotional connection to it.  Even dogs can be renamed....they really don't care about their name, that's a human thing!  I actually have several names for each of my dogs and they respond to them all and even seem to know when any of the nicknames are said which dog it refers to.

Everyone has preferences in names, one name someone can love and another can dislike it because it reminds them of a mean girl they knew in high school.  LOL.  So here are some of my tops and I will let you know what my choice is at the bottom, my husband is in agreeance with the final name choice too so that's a plus even though he says it's my horse, "name her what YOU want".  Gotta love the hubby.  I just find boy names easier like my male pets so far: Spencer, Loki, Armani, Mac and Pippin to name a few.  Anyways...

Here goes:

Khaleesi from Game of Thrones was a top for a while until I learned of calici viruses and now I can't get that out of my head.

Daenerys (dan-nair-iss) aka "Dani" is Khaleesi's name before she married the Dothraki Khal, I do like the name Dani (sounds like Danny) and it fits the mare nicely too.

Kailin is a nice Irish name for the mare and rolls of the tongue nicely.  Her red coat makes me think of Irish names, this one could me nice.  

Amica means friend in Italian.  She's a VERY friendly mare so this is cute. 

Cookie would be another name I guess since she's always looking for them in everyones pockets!

Aislinn (ash-lin) is nice but getting a bit feminine for this mare.

Asha- means spirit, I like it and it sort of fits her.  Very easy to say and soothing too.

Myra- again kinda feminine, not sure I like it for this particular mare.

Aria- musical and feminine but I like it.  Again is seems like it may not fit this mare

Penny- cute and good for a chestnut mare.  I had a cute rat named Penny once so I do like the name.  My hubby keeps thinking of Penny from Big Bang theory but I don't think that's a bad thing.

So my final name choice:

Excited yet?

Which do you think it will be?

Have you ever had a hard time naming a pet?

This is getting annoying isn't it!!!???


The name my husband and I really like is Daenerys  aka "Dani".  Dani is a cute name for a tomboy type mare.  She seems to be sort of a tomboy, really laid back and loves having her belly and teats scratched (most mare owners I know have to work with a mare in order to clean their teats of the waxy build up).  I like Dani and for a more masculine name is seems mildly feminine to me but I have friends named Kyle, Michael and Ryan so boy names for girls don't seem odd to me in the least!!!

More and better pictures will be coming once she's mine, believe me I want to document this whole process!  All the pictures I have are from the pre-purchase and evaluation.


Camryn said...

I think it's a good name choice for her. You'll know for sure the first time you call out to her and feel it rolling off your tougnue (can't spell today) A friend of mine just renamed her new guelding Danny. My mare is Camryn, a friend has a guelding named Cameron! Funny how spelling allows a name to be more interchangable.

Anonymous said...

When you said you couldn't find a beer related name that seemed to fit her, I immediately thought of Amber. (Amber Ale) :)

But I like Dani, that is really cute! Congrats on your mare!


Christie said...

Yeah my hubby and I both thought of Amber too! It's a name that reminds of someone I knew and it's not a good reference. That's why naming is so personal.

We also thought Killians Red but I didn't like to say Kill in my horses name! LOL. This has been a hard naming but again as I work with her she may end up with a nickname that's entirely different but I like Dani for her.

Oh and Camryn, they can sing O'Danny Boy to the gelding. Danny is just a nice name I think!