October 20, 2012

Settling in

I know, I know.  I just got a pony and I should be posting everyday.  Well I haven't because I just got a pony!  LOL.  I've spent every day I can at the barn.  The first week I spent everyday grooming her and walking her around the property.  I let her sniff and graze (when she was only in her stall)
I often walked her along the main drive into the place, we would watch the jumpers in the outdoor arena and I'd work on having her stay out of my space and behind me while being led.  That's something she's needing to learn.

I walked her up and down the stable aisle and while she was in her own stall the first few days she got used to the comings and goings of people.  She moved around a lot while being tied up to groom in the stall and is still working on getting used to the wash rack where most people groom and tack up their horse.
But now Dani is out in the north pasture will the mares.  Grazing all day long and loving it.  One time when I let her out into the dry paddock that opens up to the big paddock she didn't notice right away that the gate was open to the big paddock.  I was standing off looking into the east paddock and Dani galloped off with joy into the big paddock to my left.  I watched her run way into the paddock, I'd have to say it's at least 10 acres.
The whole property is 80 acres with three large pastures.  There is the north mares, the middle (east paddock that has mostly geldings) and then the south paddock that one gal referred to as the "whoosy gelding" paddock.  She said her gelding was in there since he was a big baby. 
All the fields have run in sheds.  Below is Dani's.  Even on a rainy Saturday when my parents came out to meet Dani for the first time the mare was standing outside the shed with most of the mares.  She wasn't cold and didn't seem to mind being wet but looked like a drowned rat!

At least the run in shed is there if she needs it and I'll get her a blanket for the really icky days.  Most horses fair quite well with there natural winter coats out here and since temperatures can vary from 20s-50s in one day of Colorado winter it's best not to keep her blanketed.  Remember Willy with just his sheet and how I would find him sweating when I came to ride?

So Dani seems to be settling in quite well.  I'm saving up some money for a new saddle since the one I have does not fit her.  Needless to say I haven't ridden her yet because of that.  We have plenty of groundwork to do for now but I'll be getting that saddle VERY soon.

She's a sweet little girl and only once was I lucky enough that she was near the gate one day when I came to get her.  Wintertime could become irritating but we'll see how things go.

Most times she's out at the far end of the field where the grass is better!!  I call out, she looks up, neighs and goes back to eating!  That's okay I need the exercise!
I'll post more often, I promise!!


Camryn said...

Sounds like heaven for her there. Lots of bonding time while you await a saddle. Not a bad thing I think :)

lytha said...

you are writing the best blog ever right now. the moment we all fantasize/fantasized about. please keep writing!

Christie said...

Thanks Lytha! I have a couple more things to post about her and I'm sure a lot more as I do groundwork and riding. She's a great little horse and I feel she's very happy at this place too!

Camryn, yeah I think the groundwork will do lots of good once I get her a saddle and do more riding. I'm so glad to have such awesome readers!