October 24, 2012

Rambo Blanket

 Steve and I headed to the barn on a busy Saturday.  The barn was having a horse show.  The road leading up to it and the "parking lot" was packed with cars and trailers.  Horses were coming and going in all directions.  Steve and I peaked into the indoor to see the Halloween costume class.  Some cute costumes, nothing really to write home about but it was still lots of fun.  A unicorn and his princess were standing in the aisle way, not sure why they weren't in the class. 
We went to get Dani.  When we brought her into the barn she was obviously nervous at all the motion and people.  She is used to a very quiet setting.  We found an empty stall and I led her in, well I tried to.  She balked.  People were moving up and down the aisle and behind her...hmm, I bet this has to do with some of the past experiences with trailering and having people forcefully get her into that tight space.  I'm sure that was a flashback.  Perhaps not but each time I tried to get her in the stall she balked and even backed a little.  With all those people around I didn't want anyone hurt and didn't feel this was the best time to force this issue so I led her outside, had Steve bring her to a quieter area of the parking lot, had him turn her around to face the commotion and went to get the grooming bag really quick.

I tidied her up just a bit since we were going to have her sized for a blanket.  We got the goobers out of her eyes.  One eye had more crusted on her fur, I'll have to keep an eye on that.  Her eye seemed fine but it just seemed like more than your normal goober.  Once she was reasonably presentable Steve and I brought her to the Pinnacle Horseware stand.  I talked to the gal about her board situation, pasture with a run in and that she wouldn't be clipped.  We tried on a couple blankets, Dani was a good girl having a stranger throw on the blanket.  I also have to mention the clothes and bagged items blowing in the breeze making a bit of sound and a lot of motion.  Dani was perfectly fine.  She looked down at the bags with blankets that were plopped near her, obviously she was terrified!  LOL.

We settled on a nice Rambo Duo blanket at 20% off.  Dani will mainly just need the outer blanket but the inner blanket will be great for those really cold winter nights when we know we are getting snow and wind.  The didn't have a nice green color for her but the dark blue still looks stunning on her....and she just looks all adorable with her little coat!  My husband said he'd pay for the blanket, early Christmas gift, since he knew I was saving up for the saddle too. LOVE HIM! 

After the blanket we walked Dani around near the outdoor ring to see the action and people and also walked her around a flag.....future post to come on that.  After the excitement we had to head back to the city since Steve had a lot of errands to run.  We watched her walk out to her field and find a spot on which to graze that was closer than her norm.  All the horses were closer in though.  I love that cute little Dani butt!

Back home the blanket will get a couple tags put on it before bringing it back to the stable.  Armani, our tuxedo, cat has approved of the blanket as you can see!!

I think she looks pretty cute in her blanket even though Rambo didn't have the hunter green in this style (green is kinda Dani's color!).  She'll most likely just have to wear it on windy or wet days, I want her to grow out her full winter coat since nature makes the best warmth.  This week I'm thinking she'll need the blanket since her winter coat has not fully come in yet, that's the problem with fall in Colorado, nice warm days and temperatures can plummet in the night. 

I'm going away to see my nephew but it's so hard leaving my pony!  I know Steve will be here Saturday and part of Sunday but still there will be several days when she won't have someone to keep a close eye on her.  I know the boarding farm will keep an eye on her but still, she's my baby!  Anyhow, I won't be posting for a week or so since I will be in Virginia...I'll miss you guys!


lytha said...

i love the blanket. hey, you have my old couch! i love that couch!

Camryn said...

She does look adorable in her blanket. Sounds like you two are clicking nicely. You need to get her a cell phone so you can call while your away :)

S. Lauren said...

Glad you are getting along with your new horse and happy your husband is so supportive. :-)

Emmi said...

That blanket looks boss! That's great your new horse is working out too :)