April 27, 2016

Warm Spring Days

Just thought I'd share a quick post from a few weeks ago.  It's been sitting in the queue for a while now.  I like to take pictures of the ponies when I get the chance, especially taking out the big camera at times.  Dani is always interested in what I am doing.

Chance usually glances but goes about his business or if he show an interest he'll be shooed away by Dani since she thinks a treat may be involved.  Chance is a sensitive little guy and loves his ears being scratched.

 Someday I will groom them up nice and shiny and have Steve help me pose them...maybe do some nice halter portraits once I get them both some nice leather halters.  For now, check out the dusty but happy ponies.

Dani was still pretty scruffy on her belly from winter fur.  Most of that is gone by now....

Helped I'm sure by constant horse to ground contact....her favorite activity besides eating.

Wow!  My mare is trotting and not being told to!

I love her dark red color.  Can't wait to see the summer dapples!!  

I need to get some shots of this boy in motion, he's gorgeous!

Nom and noms...

I wonder if Chance gets dapples in the summer?

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