April 12, 2016

Stubs...a CAT-tastrophe Waiting to Happen

I love my former barn kitty.  She is a nut and is my little shadow.  She sleeps on our bed every night, getting displaced by the hubby when he's home on weekends and meows are my in the bathroom when I first wake up.  

While relaxing watching TV on evening I watched her explore our mantel.  She knocked over a candle and holder....luckily not breakable, before she moved onto the top of the bookcases.  From there she was stuck.  There wasn't an easy way back to the mantle.  Instead she tried to co behind the curtain and blinds but missed a tiny window ledge and plummeted onto the helpless planter below.

Oh kitty-kins what have you done!  Silly little Mini Meow!

So I had to get a new pot and figure out how to make it impossible for her to get back to the top of the bookcases.  Then another night I found her scrambling up onto her cardboard cat scratcher.  Behind it she had lost her little black hair tie that she carries around the house and mews at.  I removed it for her and then proceeded to watch my TV show.  Only 5 minutes later little Purlithia (Stubs) decide the hair tie would be best placed into my freshly poured glass of cider!

On my desk I have kitty shelves for both cats to nap while I work on the computer.  Stubs recently discovered my mini plasma ball.  She wasn't sure what to do!

Oh the joys of having a silly little cat, doubly so since Armani can be just as crazy!  I love them!

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Mrs Shoes said...

How can such lithe & graceful creatures be such clutzes sometimes?
Our cats are so glad winter is done with - they hide out in the barn most of the winter but now it's nice out one guy is roaming the pastures busy pretending to be a tiger & the other one is sunning himself in one big hairy, purring lump on the back porch.