April 05, 2016

Ration Balancer-New Feed

I'm always looking for a good ration balancer for my horses.  I had my mare on ProAdvantage when I was at Grandview and before that I used SmartPaks.  She doesn't need the extra calories for sure.  A lot of pleasure horses don't unless they are hard keepers.  I changed to Nutrena Empower since the local feed store kept that product.  It was a good feed but made Chance look like he was wearing red lipstick on his little white muzzle!!  LOL.  The store closed and I had to figure out what to change them to.

Southern States is the big chain feed store here along with Tractor Supply.  They had some decent brands but not a big selection.  I happened upon Tribute at Hurdle Mills Feed.  They have a great balancer that also has added joint support!!!  Tribute Essential K Plus GC  contains Glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and MSM which are the primary supplements for joint health.  Since both horses are over 15 years I figured this is a great find!  It doesn't cost that much and comes in 50 lb bags vs. 40 lbs.  The price for the bag I think was in the high 20's or very low 30's, I don't remember since I've only purchased two bags so far.  Compared to the mid 20's for a 40 lb bag of other balancers plus the fact this has some added benefits...I'm sold.  The horses like it and eat it up...well Dani will eat anything, LOL.

I feed Chance only 22 ounces per day and Dani gets 26 ounces...it's very low feeding rates so they don't get all those calories.  I'm pretty happy with the nutrients listed, it's comparable to a lot of the good ones out there.  We'll have to see how it goes on this but both my babies are pretty easy keepers.  Just thought I'd share about this new to me feed!

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