March 27, 2015

Tufts and Slickers

I've had some busy days at work and not been able to go out to the barn much this week.  I have the goal that I should go Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Then the other days I should drag myself to the gym! 

This Thursday I actually ended a training early so I headed to the barn.  On the way out my enthusiasm declined as my stomach started to not feel very well.  Once I arrived I decided it would just be a grooming day.  Sometimes that's all I want to do.  It's never just to get Daenerys pretty but to check her out and relax a bit.  It's a form of therapy.  She's still shedding a ton but it's funny when I look at her and some areas are nearly smooth while others are desperately clinging to her in fuzzy tufts.

I got to chat with both N and M; lol sounds like Eminem!  They both had read my blog and enjoyed it so that made me glow a bit.  I received more Manely-Long Hair in the mail so applied the last of my bottle to her mane.  It keeps the tangles out and helps with her wavy hair staying a little slick which I'm happy with but not so sure about there not being any build-up.  I'll use it more diligently before I give it a final rating.

I played a little with Dani before getting her back to her pasture.  I would love to get her backing like David did with his horses; he would back them to their stalls or to the arena and they were quick to respond.  It was a great exercise in control and leadership.  I still get very slow and lazy movement from Dani but I haven't really spent real time on the Clinton Anderson method of teaching her to back.  Time to dust off those DVD's huh?

M played with Dani a little bit too, doing a backwards marching while leading her to get her out of her space.  It was cute.  I love that we both have our cute Morgan ponies. We plan to ride Saturday and then maybe go look at Equiline for a used Western saddle for her and Scotty.  The weather should be fantastic this weekend!

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Mrs Shoes said...

Oh those tufts *sigh*, my Morgans have them too.
I use scissors... laid flat against the body and scissored off with the growth pattern of the hair, it blends quite easily.
Sure beats the patchy look that reminds me of a little boy/man whose peach fuzz is just growing in!