March 17, 2015

Silliness with Scotty

Earlier in the week I was able to ride Dani after work.  It had been nearly 2 or 3 weeks since our last ride due to the continual snowy weather we've been receiving.  The ground was decent in most places and when M was tacking up Scotty she wanted to know if we could ride together.  I figured why not, a ride around the property would be fun and be a great chance to catch up with M.

Dani was full of spunk and again not too happy with having Scotty near her.  We tried to ride side by side, then with Scotty in front and then Dani in front.  Dani was speed walking and leaving Scotty in the dust.  If she was behind him she was tailgating and I got tired of trying to slow her down.  WIth exposure I'm sure we'll get to where we need to be.  I've not had issues when there were events at KCRC with other horses.  

We rode through a couple of snow drifts and rather than walk through them Dani seemed to bound even though I didn't ask for any speed.  It was funny but ticked me off since I really want her to listen to me.  She was fresh and full of beans since it'd been several weeks since the last ride.  We've also not had the consistent ability to work on training issues this winter.  I'm thinking we are in the tune up phase of spring time.  The more I can ride the better and then the more I can get her trailered and with some supportive trail riders I can work on any trail riding issues with her.

I ended the ride in the arena since someone was not good at listening so we had to do some basic work.  I lunged her for a bit and there was major attitude and silliness.  Once she got that out of her system she was much more compliant but I still made sure to work on stopping, turning and rating her walk.  We ended on a good note at least.  I sure hope that she and I can work through this and she can be a good trail riding horse.  I'll just have to recruit some well seasoned riders and horses who will know that I haven't ridden her on trails.  


Mrs Shoes said...

The link above is to a blog where, in the sidebar, she links to 2 books that she has written about trail training & riding that you might enjoy.
Mrs Shoes

Christie Maszki said...

Thanks Mrs Shoes!!! I will have to follow her perhaps. She trail rides with Morgans!!

Mrs Shoes said...

Morgans & Morabs for the most part.
I trail ride with my Morgans: we have also done team penning, sorting, trailing cattle, & pasture doctoring. Before I owned them they were ranching horses, dragging big old angus to the fire for branding, facing off with snorty old bulls, roping, all that stuff. Full sibling to my Morgans is a successful competitive Hunter Jumper.
Morgans can do anything!