March 18, 2015

Trotting it Out

Sunday was a great day for riding.  I arrived at the barn intent on getting some groundwork done and some riding.  We started in the round pen and I mad the observation that Dani has forgotten to turn in when I step and back.  We'll have to work on it some more and this spring get other ground work done.  She didn't have too much silliness but I didn't want her completely full of energy.

Next I tacked her up and went into the arena.  We worked on trotting mostly.  I have a hard time rating her, too much rein and I have a fight or a walking horse.  I'm trying to work on my seat to get her to slow to a medium trot.  It'd be nice to be able to sit her trot and towards the end of the ride we had a couple successes.  I want to get her a little less tense at the trot.

I know her being tense can make me tense and I tried as hard as I could to reduce mine but it's sure hard with such a forward flamboyant trotting mare!  She also has sudden departures.  I ask for the trot and she sort of lurches into the gait.  

Next time: working on smoother transition and good rating of the trot using my seat mostly.  I haven't had much success even at the walk with getting her to lower her head.  I can work on that too and hopefully get that transferred to the trot once I succeed.

Hosed off a sweaty mare (legs mainly) and then went home to "hose" myself off in a warm bubble bath.  Love those lazy sundays!

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