January 29, 2015

Snow Ride

Last Saturday was a nice day, it was overcast but around 40 degrees and snow covered the ground still.  Dani was laying in the snow....bed the patch she found was like a soft blanket.  Lying ponies are always so sweet looking.  For the ride I kept Dani in the arena and at a walk.

We worked on turns, serpentines, stops....all sorts of simple maneuvers.  I tried to teach her turn on the forehand but I think we are having communication issues.  She either does a small circle, backs or keeps walking forward.  I think we'll utilize the fence some but perhaps I need to read up and work on it from the ground first.

She's so cute and fuzzy right now but I know that slick summer coat is growing in right now.  It hasn't started making the winter coat shed but February seems to be the time of year that she starts to shed.  I've been regularly putting the powder No Thrush on her back fetlocks.  One of the many infections this powder treats or prevents is scratches.  I'm also keeping an eye on her frogs too.  With this wet snow, melt, then mud sequence happening nearly every week I want to prevent any issues that could cause her irritation.  

It's always nice to get out on the weekends to see her.  I can't wait until the time change and when the days are significantly longer.  I miss her so much!

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