January 19, 2015

Snow, Ice and Wind

I was very happy that my long weekend actually had decent winter weather.  Saturday was warm enough for Steve to come out and work on the wiring in the tack room.  I rode Dani around the property in areas that were less muddy or snowy.  We stayed at a walk since the ground was slippery in spots.

Dani always gets excited to see Steve.  He's a new toy that lets her get away with things and gives her more treats than I do!  LOL.  The following Sunday Steve was at work and I headed to the barn.  The winds were horrendous and I wasn't in the mood to fight with putting the saddle blanket on or having to deal with the muddy riding areas and a potentially spooky mare.  She's not really spooky by any means but I don't like wind myself.

Instead we went into the barn and I gave her a really nice grooming and worked more Manely Long Hair product into her mane.  I'm liking this product.  It keeps her mane much more manageable and hopefully less breakage.  I rarely use it on her tail since that hair is pretty strong and long; I've had to trim it several times since I've owned her.  Not a bad thing.  After a nice pony grooming session I hugged her and headed back home.  Two days of pony fun in a row!  I can't wait until the weather and time change happens so I can get out there more!

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