July 26, 2013

Water Woes

This is just a silly post, a rant about how ucky water gets so quickly in the summer!  Dani, like most horses goes to their water with a full mouth and drinks the water.  Then she seems to slop the water around to clean off the bits and pieces of hay or grain.

Uck!!  I daily use a fish net to filter the water and sometimes twice a week end up dumping and refilling.  Not the best thing in the world during a drought but my girl needs clean water!  I start with a fish tank siphon since I find it easier than the plug that exists in the tank, less mess and I can make sure the water goes out of her stall instead of spilling on inside it.  Then I scrub the inside with a brush, hose it out and dump that last bit and refill.

I plan on investing in self waterers on my own future property.  These will only have a small amount of water in a bowl at a time but the horse will always have a clean supply and when you clean out the bowl (easily done daily) there is maybe only a gallon that is wasted.

I am seriously thinking of getting one of these though since there is a heater that will attach to it in the winter.  I originally thought "why not a fish filter?" but found they have filters specifically made for water troughs.  Cool.  Can't seem to post the video here but check it out!  http://youtu.be/polT3Oj0jAA


Kalin said...

Wow! Those filters are neat!! My barn is kinda a dream come true for water-worriers-like me, haha-because we only have two or three troughs-I think two-on the 35+ acres and then a running CLEAN creek that runs the whole year. So handy!

Lauren Bomar said...

That is awesome. My old self-care barn wouldn't let us use anything powered. You are very lucky. Luckily, my new barn is AWESOME and scrubs the tanks so often. They told me weekly when we moved in, but I have never seen the water more than a day or two dirty.