July 25, 2013

Dani's Full Sister!!!

I was surprised with an email recently. A lady named Barb contacted me about Daenerys. Apparently way back, before the person who I bought her from had bought her, Barb inquired about Dani’s full sister. She bought her full sister Maddie; full name Lady Madeline. It sounded like they were interested in Dani (called Maggie at the time) but that the owner didn’t think she should be a child’s horse…they thought she required an expert rider. My mare?

Lady Madeline

I was told that those that owned her at the time kept them in Woodland park and only visited in the summer and that the property owner wasn’t much of a horse person so probably just didn’t know how to deal with Dani. I’m betting with Dani’s “in your space” personality that it can be a bit much if you don’t know how to handle it. Anyways B had searched for Steiners Honor and found my blog.

Grazy Maddie

She told me a little bit of Dani’s history. Her breeder most likely was the one who had trained her to drive.  When the breeder passed on the horses were sold and there is evidence that Dani was trained and ridden hard by whoever that trainer was at that time. The marks on her sides and topline are from an ill fitting saddle. I’m guessing it was probably the same trainer that probably introduced her to the trailer or where she had a bad deal with the trailer that was never corrected. That’s a shame considering that with her mind and willingness she could have easily learned to load and be comfortable at a young age.

Lady Madeline

She lived in Woodland Park being ridden only in the summers by her owners that resided in Arizona as I stated before. So there was little formal training, aside from the one trainer it sounds like, during those years like we’ve suspected but she was pretty well broke, as they say. It sounds like she had good treatment there but was most likely not trailered much.

Lady Madeline, what a cute face!
Then the gal I bought her from purchased her and did some work on her head shy issues and tried to work on her with trailering. Her daughter rode her mostly around the house and in the fields since she couldn’t be trailered. They loved her I already knew that but they couldn’t get the trailer issue worked out so put her up for sale. Barb had encouraged her to keep Dani but the trailering issue was just too much. Some Morgan breeders were interested in Dani but I lucked out and am now owned by this diamond in the rough!

Lady Madeline
Maddies owner sounds really nice and Maddie sounds like a great mare to. It sounds like they show a lot and just generally love hanging out with their Morgans. Her account on You tube is Morgans4Us. I’ve posted one video on here of Maddie. It was a fun email exchange and it was great that she sent pictures and the video links that she stated I could share on my blog. Both from Barb and Laura from the “Old Morgans” blog I follow (see left side of this blog) I’ve found out that there is a lot of Working Western blood in my mare.

Dani and her sister are from the Western Working and Brunk Lines. Here is an excerpt from information sent by Barb: http://www.rafterbardmorgans.com/history.html

In 1893 Joseph Brunk and his family established the Brunk line in and around Springfield, IL. Joseph Brunk had a serious interest in Morgans and his sharp sense for horses led him to raise some of the most influential Morgans of all time. These horses were known for their high action, sound, correct legs and feet and all around athletic ability. They were often line-bred and usually high quality, showy horses. The Brunk influence is felt strongly in the ranch breeding of the west known as the Western Working family of Morgans.

Flyhawk was the mostly widely known stallion of the Brunk family. He sired many great Morgans and his influence is still seen in many breeding programs today. He was noted for his big ground covering trot, dense bone, hardiness and athleticism.

Some of the well known stallions in Brunk breeding are Flyhawk, Jubilee King, Senator Graham, Senator Knox, Mr. Breezy Cobra, Beamington, Congo, Go Hawk, Stetson, Red Vermont, Agizzaz, Flying Jubilee, Juzan, and Allen Franklin.

Some of the well known mares include Senata, Florette, Sentola, Daisy Knox, Bens Daisy, Jubilee Joy, Sentana, Daisette, Liza Jane, Neliza, Paragraph and Juvina.

I find it interesting to learn more about Dani and to learn more about Morgans. It still just all goes back to that moment though, when I first met her and knew there was something special about her no matter what her shortcomings. We’ll walk the path together, and together overcome our fears. I love my girl!

My girl!


L.Williams said...

That is so cool!

Kalin said...

How neat!! She kind of looks like Dani, too. Same expression and build!

Anonymous said...

Great detective work! It's fascinating learning about her back history, isn't it!

Barb D said...

Christie, just a small correction. I think Dani's and Maddie's breeder did a good job with them, and broke Danie to drive. However, I think she died when Maddie was young (Maddie is 2 yrs younger than Dani) and that's when the Arizona owners bought them. From what I heard, they sometimes had teenage guests during their summer visits to Woodland Park and they would ride the mares now and then. I think it was a 'trainer' during that time, who used a bad-fitting saddle on Dani.

We don't show much but do clinics now and then and love to trail ride and just enjoy our horses. I'm just very glad that both of these mares have good homes and owners who care about them. It is really cool seeing Maddie on your blog.

Christie Maszkiewicz said...

Hey Barb. Thanks for the correction, I updated the blog so hopefully it reflects that. I don't think Dani was ever "mistreated" but just treated harder than really necessary or not given proper release when needed.

Thanks for letting me share Maddie on my blog!