July 21, 2013

Sand and Sores

So tired today....
In Dani's new place....well since May, the ground is pretty hard.  I finally went and got two truck loads, aka 6,400 lbs of sand to put in her stall.  It is much cushier!!!  This sand is what they use in arenas, good stuff and less dusty than the silt layer that feels like it's over concrete that's in there now.
My hubby had just gotten in late last night and then is leaving 5am Sunday so it was just me working on the stall.  Steve travels a lot for work so when he has these quick turn arounds where he doesn't get a full weekend it really sucks.

I still had a good day and got several inches in Dani's stall.  Hopefully the extra cushion will alleviate the issues she's had with her hock.  She's been getting sores on her hock.  Poor baby.  It's been getting better with Corona (not the beer!) ointment, hopefully the extra dirt will help.

Kit Carson Riding Club also had a bunch of people at the grounds to make a showing for a Gazette reporter to promote the club.  Some people were out there running barrels and doing pole bending.  It was a lot of fun and I got to just walk Dani around and get her used to the activity.  I'm still getting used to my western saddle.  I also rode her closer and closer to a horse cart that had lots of flappy things on it, we just did lots of changes of directions and I let her look at it.  For the limited exposure she has had she did well. 
I feel accomplished having given her a bedding substrate for her stall.  She eats hay out of a bin and same with her food, plus I have her on sand clear because the dirt is sandy here anyways.  I think this should do the trick for her hocks.  I hate seeing ouchies on my baby!  Hope all is well with your alls horse worlds!!


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Reddunappy said...

Hock sores are a pain.
I had to buy some neoprene hock boots for my old mare a couple years ago, she was bloodying her hocks, and I have rubber mats. They worked great, I also used the Corona. Funny thing is, after turn out to pasture that Spring, she has not done it again.