July 07, 2013

Serene Sunday

WOW.  This has been a calm Sunday.  Still busy but not like my life has been lately.
Starting in May I went out for my step daughters high school graduation, then came back and my brother was here with his family visiting...while we were dealing with a Hepatitis A outbreak at work.  Right after he left the Black Forest Fire erupted and I was activated for the Emergency Operations Center with my fellow Public Health EP Peeps.  That was a couple weeks worth of crazy time working 15 hours a day at least.  My boss is amazing and tries to spread the work amongst our team so we don't get over worked. 
After the fire and when a lot of the recovery efforts were winding down a preplanned "stay-cation" occurred with my friend Marie coming out from Houston to hang for a week.  It was great to just chill and she didn't mind that my house was still essentially a wreck since I hadn't had time to clean in about a month!
I promise to get back to blogging now that life will hopefully give me a bit of a breather.  I have several blogs in the "queue" that I will post even though the events occurred WAY before the fire.  I will also hopefully get some good ride time in since I haven't in soooo long!  Life is good and Dani is good so crazy, busy times aside all is good and well.
I also have some serious blog READING to do since I haven't kept up on everyone else's blogs!!!  :-(

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Anonymous said...

I was worried about you! Glad that you are okay and look forward to catching up on what is going on with you! ~ Heather