September 04, 2012

Opal the Fjord mare

After seeing the Kenlyn Arabs I headed north to a private seller that has a cute 15 year old Fjord.  Her name is Opal.  She was very sweet and calm and wanted to mouth everything, the grooming bin, my pockets.  I've read that Fjords are very inquisitive.  It was so cute and she was very interested in being with us humans.

The owner tacked her up with me assisting, she was a pretty easy going mare.  She was good with her feet.  I asked the owner to ride her first in the arena for me.  I did notice the mare tripped a couple times, the owner thought the ground was too rocky but I've been on horses on rocky ground so it made me wonder.

Plus I noticed that several times when the mare stood that her front feet would pigeon toe inwards.  Sometimes it was one, sometimes both and sometimes none.  It made me wonder though.  And since she tripped a couple times I wasn't so sure about her feet, she seemed tender which of course can be worked with and a vet exam would uncover issues if I ever got that far.

The owner had a couple times of difficulty with the mare stopping and not moving forward.  She needed a crop and after that she had to use it a few times but eventually the mare would go.  She has only been ridden about 7 times this year from what the owner said so it could just be that.

I hopped on and rode her in the arena, a couple trips at the walk.  I didn't want to try the trot so we went into the softer pasture and worked her there a bit.  She did better, no tripping, and trotted nicely a for me though I had to encourage her a lot and use the crop a couple times.  It may just be training, heat or was she in pain?  She didn't show any gait anomalies.

I did like her but would want to bring an experienced person with me if I went to visit her again.  The pigeon toed issue has me concerned, I have to do more research but it could be an issue for a sound trail horse.  She has a really sweet personality and was very cuddly...just what I hope to find in my future horse!  The search will still continue.


Camryn said...

Cute, cute, cute! The tripping could just have been pour laziness on her part. Taking her over some poles "should" help her think "oh, gotta lift my feet up". Her back appears to dip, which can make it difficult for proper saddle fit. If you like her and feel comfortable with her it's an issue you can deal with. My Haflinger mares back dips, have gone treeless for that reason.

Christie said...

She was soooo cute! I'd consider her but would need to have a really experienced person come with me and then any horse will have a vet check. This coming Saturday I am going to a Fjord breeder to see a variety of horses....I can't wait but it may be cuteness overload!!! Then the following Tuesday I see a Fjord gelding from a private owner.

Tomorrow is an Arab/Quarter horse gelding!!!