September 11, 2012

Gorgeous is right!!

I met a very gorgeous gelding this Sunday.  His ad said "Gorgeous Arabian Gelding for Sale" kidding!!  He was advertised a while ago and then off the market, I later learned because of the owners parents were having some health issues.  He's now back on and cheaper than before and the owner sounds flexible on even that price.

His name is DKB Windsong Brio.  His owner calls him Wind and I've learned that before he was called Brio.  I was actually liking the name Brio and thinking it would be a nice horse name a while back...hmm.

Brio used to be a stallion, at age 4 he was gelded and Barbara has had him the past 3 years used mainly for trail and she's done a 25 LD ride last fall I think.  She said he encountered a lot of new things and did really well, just needed encouragement at some obstacles like water that she doesn't have much chance to expose him to.

When I got to her barn Wind/Brio was in the pens with a one-eyed mare.  He was a little worried about a new person being in there but didn't run off he just kept his distance and looked at me.  He later warmed up as I stood by him and stroked him.

I lead him around the pen and he was very good with staying out of my space and with stopping on cue.  He was even good at trotting on the lead with me.  Barbara rode him first in the pen, walk and trot.  Then she rode him out in the pasture next to the pen where there was a little turn about for a trailer.  She got him up into a canter but said she mainly rode him out on trails or fields so circling wasn't her or his strong suit.  He had a nice trot to him.

Later I mounted up and he got nervous right away because I mount differently than his owner.  She had me get off and mount again.  This time I made a few adjustments and because it was the second mounting Wind seemed fine.  I walked him around the pen area.  I tried a trot once but got a little off balanced from tension so I brought him back to the walk.  He was easy to direct though I didn't use much leg since Barbara said she didn't use much and I didn't want to cause any upset.  Tread lightly on an unfamiliar horse right! 

I really liked him.  After the ride I untacked him and groomed him.  He was very easy to be around.  I'm concerned about him being slightly nervous but then again I was too.  Considering the whole situation he was great.  I've contacted his former owner/breeder and they couldn't say enough about him but I certainly have to take that with a grain of salt.  I think the biggest concern is the sunscreen lotion application.  Barbara told me he hated it and avoided it.  He threw his head up and tossed it side to side.  He didn't back up too much or threaten to rear so that's a plus.  That's his one vice, since I will need to apply sunscreen often with all the pink on his nose it's something I have to consider.  Perhaps the owner didn't approach training him in the correct way to work on that, I'll have to see what Laurie thinks, I don't think it's a deal breaker.

I'll be going out this next Saturday with Laurie to have her take a look at him, she'll do a pretty thorough work through with him and give me an honest opinion.  I plan on riding him again and seeing how that goes.  We shall see.  I won't make a decision on Saturday, I still want time to ponder the possibility but he is definitely a serious contender, even though I have a couple more horses to see this week.  Sunday I will finally see this other Fjord I had to cancel on a couple times because I've been working late most week days!
Barbara and I released Wind and his one eyed friend into another pasture for grazing it was nice to watch him at liberty grazing. 

Barbara then told me about this mare  she'd just gotten from an auction because she was afraid a kill buyer was going to get her.  She just wants $450 for the mare, who is under saddle but would most likely need a bit of training.  If you know anyone who would be interested just email me and I'll get you her contact info.  She seemed like a sweet mare.

So this post is, in a way, to be continued....when I get to go see Wind again with my trainer and think hard about if he's the one.  There's something about him but we'll see, like I said before, I don't want to rush!


Reddunappy said...

Oh! Like the gelding!

I would say, unscented lotion, may work better!!

Reddunappy said...

My mare, (in the pic) has a whole lot more white and I dont have a problem with her having sunburn.

Is he out in pasture at all? If there is clover in the pasture it causes a photo sensitivity.

Just a thought.

S. Lauren said...

Both of those horses are really beautiful! I'm sure your trainer can help with the nerves. :) Can't wait to see which horse/pony you end up with.

Camryn said...

They're both beautiful. I'd be concerned about the dippy back due to saddle fit. Been there done that on two horses!
Also are you planning to ride LD's with him? Only ask as my first horse had been an endurance horse. Novice me thought "Oh, been there done that"! What it really meant was he went fast!!! Wasn't what I needed in a horse for sure LOL

Christie said...

I think the dippy back is more from how he's standing the ground was a bit slopy. Here are some older pictures I found online

He's not an "endurance horse" persay, the owner just did one LD race but mainly has used him on the trail. But I'm definitely having my trainer check him out so I can get her input!

I still have a Fjord and an Arab cross to check out but have had to cancel since I've tried to do it after work but been working late. Hopefully I'll see them this weekend too.

lilyrose said...

I like the gelding! He's cute! One of my arabians has a pink nose and needs sunscreen too. He used to balk all the time when I tried applying it. I switched to a powder with an applicator sponge. It's called 'My pony sun block' works great and stays on for several days. He never balks when I apply it. I have no idea why! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone has asked you this already, but have you considered asking the owner if you could lease (whatever horse you decide on) before purchasing? I will be starting my horse search in the next year, & I'm going to do that! :) I just think its a good way to make sure that the horse is a good fit.

I'm just curious, & enjoying your posts! Best of luck!


ninergirl04 said...

There is such a contrast between the Fjords and the Arabians. They each have their own beauty but I've been consumed by Arabians for many, many years and hope to begin my search for an amazing gelding next year. The Arab is known for its affinity to people and that characteristic is so important to me. I want my horse to want to be with me and not all breeds are like that. I'm so enjoying "going along with you" in your search. I wish you much luck in finding your perfect companion. :-)

Christie said...

Yes the affinity Arabs has for humans is a draw. From what I hear from owners and read online the Haflingers and Fjords have that same affinity, hence the reason I'm so curious about them.

I may consider a lease for a couple months or a trial run but some of these private owners might not agree to that. A breeder/trainer I think would be more likely to agree since it benefits the buyer, seller and horse and they realize that. We shall see, it will be based on the particular horse I get really serious about.

Thanks all for tagging along with my ups and downs of horse hunting!

Christie said...

I mean horse shopping! Hunting doesn't sound right LOL!!

Jessica said...

Hi Christie. Wondering what your trainer thought of him when you went back out there to see him again?

Christie said...

I never got the chance since he got sick when we were going to see him. Then before I got another chance to see him I fell in love with a little morgan mare.