September 24, 2012

Coughing Brio

I'm sure a lot of you are curious about Windsong Brio the gorgeous dark bay gelding I saw a couple weeks ago.  I was planning on having Laurie look at him but his owner called and said he was coughing a lot and not himself.  It was best to wait until he felt better.

He's doing a bit better now so I could have Laurie take a look at him but I have a feeling about this mare so I'm going to see where that goes first since I felt I had more of a connection with her than Brio, though I would still say he's a contender.  He was just shy and a little cautious but I think would warm up in time.  His owner does think he has an allergy but isn't sure.  She would give him carrots and he'd cough so she feels like he's holding pieces in his mouth.  The allergy might be to hay dust since he got better when the hay was wet. 
I know if I bought him that I would want answers to all these speculations but we'll see how it goes with this mare.  If she's the one I'll just have to let Brio's owner know even though I never got a chance to give him a second look.  Things happen. 

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