April 02, 2012

Second Try and Painterly Effects

So what do you all think of these two paintings.  The first one I tried to do a painting look with the actual Watercolor filter on Photoshop and that was just too grainy looking.  Then I found a tutorial online and redid the photo and did an additional couple photos to practice.  You'll probably have to click on them to see the full size to get the full effect.

You likie?

You likie?

I have already received an 8 x 10 print of the two above and will be putting it up on in my bedroom along with an awesome art piece I bought at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo.  I'll post pics once the hubby and I hang the decor (straiten and dust the room!).  Our bedroom has been "sans wall art" for 4 years!!!!  I've just concentrated on other rooms in the house, backyard landscaping....LOL.  So excited to get some horseness in my boudoir!!!

And just one last photo painting that I don't have future plans for hanging in my house just yet but I thought it was fun to try to the painterly artsy, fartsy Photoshop stuff!  Not that this Andalusian needed any helping looking like an art piece....sigh.....

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S. Lauren said...

I like them. They will look great hanging up on a wall and I like the spanish/western theme to them too. I also like how the male rider on the dapple grey rides, he looks like a dressage rider with his seat.