March 28, 2012

Quintessential Arabians Get Together March 2012

Laurie had another group potluck last week.  The first one, if you remember, I attended with my hubby Steve.  We had popcorn and watched a video on Polish Arabian horses.  This time I went without the hubby.  We were all meeting for a potluck and for baking horse treats.  My responsibility was the carrots (for the treats) and a dessert (for humans!).  I brought a big bag of carrots since the recipe required 16 of them and used Laurie’s salad shooter to shred them.  I’d never used one before and LOVED IT!  This tool was so user friendly, much better than doing it by hand!  I have a Cuisinart at home but I think those completely pulverize food, not more tool on my list to add to my kitchen WANT complaints here!  I love kitchen gadgets, you should have seen Steve and I's wedding registry!

Laurie and Megan measuring and stirring ingredients

During most of the get together I was involved in horse talk with Amy and Uschi.  Amy is another breeder of Arabians and talked about some horses that she has rehabilitated that she wants to find homes.  Several are for sale/adoption and Uschi was playing "match maker" and trying to get me to think about buying one of Amy's horses.  One mare is a beautiful chestnut mare named Esprit (es-spree), check out the last chestnut mare on the page.  Isn't she a doll?

Amy (left) and Uschi (right) preparing ingredients

We were looking at her website on my iPhone, certainly a difficult feat since it's a small device...darn it why did I decide to leave my iPad at home!?!  Esprit is very pretty but not under saddle yet.  I forget her rescue story but she was a rescue horse that Amy rehabilitated.  The other mare for sale was also not under saddle either but sure was a looker.  We'll see what happens by July.  I want a horse that has been under saddle for a year or so (I can budge on this depending on the horses temperment) and at best been on trails a bit, I won't budge on a horse that's not under saddle though!  I need to feel reasonably safe, I have to be realistic that I most likely cannot afford LOTS of professional training.

Applesauce and other yumminess!

Later our conversation went towards those high money stables...the ones where the owners don't even groom their horse, it seems for fear of getting dirty.  We all love horses so much that the dirty part is actually our favorite part....I loved being in like company!!  These show stables and the such are where people use their "disposable" incomes to acquire a horse rather than sacrifice for the ability to share life with such a magnificent animal.  The thought just floors me that people can think of horses as a status symbol...but I know there are a lot of people like that in the world.  I feel for the horses that never get to see a pasture and be a horse, the horses that stay in a stall 24/7.

Laurie then told us about some of the experiences she had with "problem" horses.  Its amazing how in tune she is with horses, I know she has a gift and that's why even if my schedule doesn't allow it all the time I want to always take a lesson or have her in my "horse life" in some way.  I hope I can acquire even just a slice of that type of horse sense! 
Pouring gooey carrot and molasses goodness into the grain

It was a great night talking horse stuff openly, something that my other friends would raise their eyebrows up at, they just don't understand.  I can talk life, dogs etc with my other friends but you truly have to be a horse person to talk about some of the things we talked about!  LOL.  Even my husband would NOT have REALLY been in these conversations.  I know when he gets a will really be MY horse more or less, and that's fine.  I want to own a horse....if you tell me that in a few years after that dream comes true I could own TWO....SWEEEEEET!

Ready to be baked!!

Anyhow, I love these get togethers, I couldn't make the one in December but I was really glad I made it to this one!  I love being with like minded horsie people!  Cannot wait until the next one!

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