April 18, 2012

Good news, bad news....

Can you fall in love with a horse you've never even met?  I've regularly browsed rescues online and seen beautiful horses listed, I just can't get a horse right now so in a way I'm just torturing myself!!!

This mare, Gretchen (I would totally have renamed her of course, not liking the rescue name), is beautiful and was located at the Fawor Foundation, actually listed by them and located at Front Range Equine Rescue.  She sounded like she was a great trail horse and a possible endurance horse as well.  Plus she's chestnut....my favorite horse color!

I recently saw on Front Range Equine Rescue that she was adopted.  So that's a good thing, they screen people and I'm sure she found a great home but I'm saddened in a way since I won't ever have a chance to meet her.  It wasn't meant to be....

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lytha said...

i'm looking at some young arabs this weekend at a fancy russian arabian farm but i really was hoping to find one already broke. i cannot help going by though because they're close to me.

i found a really really nice chestnut online today though - wonderful, awesome legs and that is so important to me.

here's his ad:


at 1400E i can afford that horse, but he's not closeby. check out those legs! and i like chestnuts too but with minimal white.