March 05, 2012

Yielding Circles

Saturdays have been really busy for me lately but this week I got an email from Laurie saying "there was an opening at 9am and would I like it?".  I replied back right away "I'm there!".  Pstar is usually the first horse to greet me at the gate, she's such a sweetheart.  In another few years perhaps I would feel I'm at the level to take on a young untrained horse.  I love her dearly!  Several times I have a cuddle session with her in the paddock before getting Divine.  I wish she could be just as calm with me when we were alone away from the herd.

Today it was Divine who came right up to see me and get haltered.  Hmm.  Did the stirrup incident create a bond with us that wasn't there before?  Nah, couldn't be that.  Maybe we are just getting into the work groove together or maybe she was just having a lovie moment.  Either way I loved on her and stroked her silken mane. 

Since coming out to ride has been inconsistent it seems everytime I do come out I forget to bring Lauries Christmas present....and here it's March.  On the homefront I never did get around to sending out Christmas cards to my family and's just been one of those years!  Uge.  I had Lauries present with me today so I was very happy.  Hope she likes it, I got her colored cones....don't worry she's already opened them so this isn't a spoiler post!

Divine and I walk to the barn and I get her "cross tied".  Laurie had showed me a trick where we have her cross tied on the one side but just loop the other lead line onto the adjacent stall to make her think she's cross tied.  The door isn't sturdy enough to use as an actual cross tie post but it gives the same general feel and a bit more control of the mare.  It seems to work but she still is antsy during grooming and tacking up.  She paws her front feet and wiggles forwards and back but I've gotten used to her antics, persistantly moving her back in position.  When the saddle is on and I'm trying to straighten it out before tightening the girth it can get quite annoying to have the mare move back and forth.

Bridling was quite easy today!  I lowered her head a couple times and held the bit as stable as I could against her lips and just held it for a moment.  Then I proceeded to wiggle my thumb in her mouth and it didn't take much to get the bit into place and the bridle settled over her ears.  I was very happy and praised her.  Of course I did better not being so fumbly, I'm so not coordinated so it takes a very patient horse to deal with that but I want to become more coordinated bridling anyways!

The lesson was again leg yielding on a circle at the walk and then trot.  The trot was harder but eventually we made some headway.  We took a step back and trotted down the center of the ring and worked on the lateral movement here instead of on the circle...more space to work with.  We achieved success a little bit at a time.  There is so much to think about!  Laurie always cracks me up when she tries to show how the horse should move using her body as a demo.  Human bodies are not horse bodies but the mental image I gain from her demonstrations always seems to help me visualize what I need to do.

After the lesson Uschi was up next.  She switched out to ride in her own saddle and hopped up on Divine.  I couldn't stay since Steve and I were having friends over at the house at noon, bummer.  I still would love to see a lesson with Uschi and her beautiful chestnut mare Orchid.  I have enjoyed watching lessons of Uschi' learn even from just watching others.  I gave Laurie a hug, kissed Divines soft gray muzzle and headed home. 

Hopefully I can ride again soon but uge....schedules....I'm going to the Denver Horse Expo this coming weekend so Thursdy-Sunday I'll be in Denver.  Expect several posts on this event!!!

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