March 27, 2011

Willy and I's Last Ride Together

My last day with Willy has arrived.  It's a bittersweet day since I know I'll miss Willy but I'm taking on a new adventure with Pstar.  I knew I would most likely only lease Willy for about a year, still he's worked his way into my heart.  As I head out to the stable the weather is pretty icky.  It snowed a little and the air is damp with fog.  I swing by Eggar road to see if I can get a picture of the donkey.  Unfortunately he was not there but I snapped a shot of my favorite property on the road....oh to dream....someday...

I spent a long time grooming Willy today.  I curried him really well and then used my new shedding tool.  It looked like a Wookie was on the ground after I was done!  I untangled his mane and tail and sprayed them with Mane and Tail to help comb out all the strands.  His hair flowed like spun silk!  The little boy with his parents came in with Two Socks.  He seemed to be doing well with Two Socks but they are still going to try out Willy next week.  Once Willy was groomed really nice and tacked up I brought him outside to mount up.

We rode around the outside of the big arena.  Susan had joined the big arena with one of the pens and had a lot of the horses in there so they could have fun romping and playing in a bigger area.  I didn't work on anything today, I just wanted to enjoy the ride.  We walked, trotted and did some fun canters.  Willy was very responsive today, almost like he knew I desired a perfect ride for my last day with him!  The sun peeked in and out of the clouds but it was still chilly so I kept my fleece and gloves on.

After a while I decided to grab my grooming gear and head to the upper riding ring.  I rode Willy to the indoor ring to get my stuff and then walked with him up the other ring.  Once I wrestled closed the gate (the sand was deep and catching the bottom of the gate) I rode Willy in a serpentine in the fresh sand, the path left showed me how accurate our riding was...not too bad!  After riding around the ring for a bit doing turns and serpentines I dismounted and untacked Willy.  I did a quick brush over in preparation to take some pictures of him.  I still only had my point and shoot but I figured it would be nice to get some pictures of him doing his horse thing, tack free. 

Willy followed me about the ring and trotted off when I motioned with my dinky crop, I didn't have the lunge whip with me to better get him moving off but he got the idea.  His coat was a nice warm reddish brown in the sunlight and his mane and tail glistened; at least the few times the sun peeked out!  He's such a beautiful boy!  I gave Willy some apple pieces, we'd run out of carrots at home but Willy didn't seem to mind. 

I was walking to one side of the arena when I noticed Willy sniffing the ground.  Happy at what I hoped was to follow I got ready with the camera.  Willy laid down and started rolling on the sand.  I bet it felt quite good on his back.  He kicked his heels up to the sky and snorted as he tossed about.  He then got up and shook his body with a grunt of pure satisfaction.  Several of the horses in the big ring had done the same thing but while wearing their blankets, I can't help but think it's less satisfying than rolling in the sand completely "naked".  Willy had sand all over his face so I took a brush to his coat one more time and whisked him "clean".  I cleaned his hooves and was quite impressed about how sweet and quiet he was standing with no halter or lead on.

I fed him some more apples and then put his halter on and lead him back to the location of his blanket.  The sun was going behind the clouds again so I figured I'd get his blanket on and turn him loose with the other horses in the big arena.  I went back to the top arena afterwards to gather my tack and gear, lugged it back to the car and then went to say hello to the minis.  They were cute as usual and did their usual nickers as I entered the paddock with apples. 

I walked to the big arena to give Willy a last goodbye hug although it's not really goodbye, just a see ya later.  I know I can come and see him anytime I want, I just won't be riding him regularly.  I've enjoyed being able to take rides in the neighborhood and work on my seat or other techniques in the ring.  I walked up to Willy with a couple more carrots.  Then I hugged him goodbye and kissed his muzzle.  As I walked away I turned back to look at him, his ears were pricked forwards watching me. 

Thank you my friend for a great year of riding fun.  Thank you for helping me build my confidence.  Thank you for your patience and for working hard when I tried something new. Thank you for helping me fly with the wind in my hair and for not running away when I fell off!  Thank you for being such a calm boy when dogs were chasing us on the road.  Thanks for the nuzzles, the licks and the warm horsie embraces.  I will always remember you fondly Willy.


Rosanne said...

Willy sounds like a wonderful boy. He sure is adorable! I love the name of your blog...I must have asked my parents a thousand times (or more) for a pony. I finally got my own horse when I was 35. It was worth the wait.

Christie said...

Thanks! Yes I titled the blog exactly because of the many times of me asking "Can I Have a Pony?"

Willy is a wonderful guy and I'll miss him as I begin leasing another horse but I'm moving towards ownership so trying out a potential match with Pstar...hopefully next year I'll have my first horse! Welcome to my blog!