March 05, 2011

More on helmets!

Just another good source for the millions of reasons to wear a helmet!  As I've blogged before

Julie Goodnight-Helmet Symposium

Hehehe!  Loved this facial expression!  But as noted the strap is too loose to be effective!

Much better, eh?

Appy's are cute!  I remember an appy/TB cross I rode.  Had just moved onto horses from ponies and he liked to buck once or twice before going into the canter.  Scared my little 11 year old self to death!  LOL


lytha said...

my pet peeve - when people wear helmest but they are so loose the strap is flapping in the wind (first photo). i have heard that it's like not wearing a helmet at all.

properly tight, the skin of your forehead should move when you try to move the helmet around, and although talking is easy, yawning isn't.

Christie said...

Holy mackeral! Good eyes! I did not even notice that first picture! Well I'm gonna find another picture to replace it since it's not a good example. I think I just noticed the facial expression! Thanks! I'm gonna change that asap!