March 26, 2011

Leg Yielding and Ducks

My lesson on Divine today was a little difficult for me but ended well.  I was off the lunge line so that was exciting...I'd been having a lot of lunge line lessons where I worked on my legs or seat lately.  Laurie had me ride Divine on her off side, circling right.  This is her "stiffer" side and mine as well!  I was having a hard time trying to get Divine's nose in while keeping her at the steady trot.

Sala in the stall with a view...the process
of moving has started for Laurie and family!
Then Laurie had me start the leg yielding, if I was wanting to move the horse left I would press with the right leg, cue with the right rein and push with my left seat.....Got that?  It took some coordination of my brain too, leg yield left using this right body part and that right body part oh and also use this other left body part.  ACK!  Eventually we got it and even had one leg yielding that was near perfect, until we stopped!  I had Divine moving strait but crossing at a diagonal like in the Grand Prix....well, okay not really, it felt like it for a split second though!

Good morning Pstar Shine!
 After the lesson I groomed Divine down.  Laurie realized her broom was not at this property, she'd been using it at the new place.  Therefore I scooped up the hair and dirt as best I could with a shovel and dust pan.  The stable looks so bare right now!  A lot of the the items normally in the grooming area are gone.  Extra stall boards have been taken out of the stalls to be moved over to the new place.  The ribbons near the cross ties are gone....they are moving!!!
Leg's paddock fencing has been taken down and moved to the
new place so he was in the barn with the girls
Divine is slowly becoming less and less fuzzy as the weather warms.  Each time I groom her I make sure to help the shedding along and use the shedding tool.  I need to get one of those for my own grooming kit!  I gave Divine her carrots and led her back to the hay in the arena, she was very happy to go back and munch.

I visited Pstar and Psylk in the outdoor stall, those mares are so funny and silly together.  Pstar was yawning a bit and I got a funny shot of her mid yawn.  It was with my phone camera so the picture is a little washed out.  You can see that she still has a lot of the facial goat hairs like her mother does!  Those will shed out soon enough!

Baby ducks in a bowl...too cute!
On my way home I headed to Big R since I need a new lead rope for my green halter now that Pstar will be wearing it.  I also wanted to check out if there was a shedding tool in the grooming section.  While there I not only received a free hot dog and drink but I got my fill of utter cuteness!  Back where the saddles usually are were several water tanks that contained bedding and cute piping little birds!
Baby chickens!
There were ducks, chickens, roosters and turkeys!  The ducks were only $4.99!  I was so tempted to just pick one up and take it home.  I resisted since my husband would have gone nuts!  Someday we'll have chickens and ducks but in town, even though you can have chickens, we just don't have the space with our landscape plans.  They were fun to watch though!  SO CUTE!!

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