March 21, 2011

One Hot Commodity!

I groomed Willy in all his fuzziness.  The horses are definitely starting to shed big time!  I wonder if the furminator I have for my BorderAus would work well on a horse?  I worked on Willy's mane and tail, spraying both with the Mane N' Tail to get rid of some major static.  His mane is so thick and shiny, when it's combed out it looks so nice!  Loraine was working the Friesians again so I went over to talk with her and Gracie.  I told her about my lease ending with Willy and gave her my contact information.  I like her so much, it would be great to do some horsie stuff with her sometime!  I also talked with Susan and asked if she had received my lease termination letter with the last payment.  She said yes and was really sweet about thanking me for leasing him and that I was welcome anytime to come visit him.  I'm sure I'll have to do that!  I'll come by sometime to give Willy some carrots, he's a special boy! 
Silkiest mane!
I then took Willy out on Meridian to head over to Eggar road for a nice "trail ride".  Willy shied a little at something just before we got onto Eggar.  He moved over towards the road and starred at what I think was some of the trash in the paddock.  I let him look for a while and reassured him as I pushed him onwards.  The ride was pretty calm, the usual dogs barking and a cute vision of the donkey.  I didn't get a good picture of him but I'll keep trying!  Willy and I enjoy the views though the day is overcast.  It's warm at least and the wind is minimal. trot. Several times Willy tried to trot but I was determined to keep him at a walk, I didn't want another galloping off session out in the open road.  I prevent the trot and keep him calm and low key, for the most part. 

Indoor arena
On our way back to the stable Willy did the standard stop and brace with head low looking at the scary piece of trash on the side of the road that was going to eat him.  What a ridiculous boy!  I told him he was silly but stroked his neck and said he was fine.  He moved on and we walked up the driveway back to the stable.  We rode around the property doing a few canters and trots.  Willy sure likes to canter, he digs his feet into the ground and lurches forwards; he does have a lot of go, especially for a 20 year old.  I bet when he was younger he was even more so...probably would have been too much for me! 

"But I want to TROT! Don't make me stop!"
I took him back to the wash rack to untack and groom him down.  I noticed as I was cleaning his belly that there was a clump of hair caught in between his penis and sheath, ewe!  I grabbed a wet wipe and gently pulled the clump out, ewe was right but I bet he felt much better afterwards!  Yuck!  A lady came over after helping her son mount up on Two Socks.  She stated that they are looking to lease a horse and may look at Willy after doing some test rides on Two Socks.  I told her about Willy, his good points and bad; she'll be test riding him on April 3rd it sounds like.  Apparently everyone at the Youth Ranch is excited that Willy's lease is up come April!  He is one coveted mount and this lady with her son are not the only ones thinking of leasing him.  It made me sad in a way since it really sunk in that my lease time with Willy was ending but at the same time he's a great horse and will be appreciated by all the little kids here. 

I forgot carrots for Willy so the lady gave one of hers to me as I led Willy back to his paddock.  Susan wanted me to blanket him, so I tried to find his blanket amongst the blankets piled in the indoor arena.  I found one that looked like it had his hair on it; it fit so hopefully I was right! Willy's pen was clean aside from a couple piles of fresh poo, maybe Susan has had more help at the place!  I gave Willy a big hug, only one more ride.  It was hard just thinking of that today.  I've enjoyed my time with him and even though I know the time would be finite it's still hard to say goodbye.  At least I can still come by to visit him so it's not good bye forever!  After giving him another hug I went and said hello to the little ponies, stroking their soft fuzzy heads.  Bet they can't wait to shed all that fur!  And with that I headed back home.

Willy's clean pen

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